hi guys, hope everyone is okay and enjoying there day. I have decided to give give you a few facts about me, this is so you know me personally as well as just a blogger. this facts will be random but they will be true.

  • I am 17 years old and live in Southampton,
  • my dream place to live is in Cornwall, not to far from my family but lovely weather and beautiful beaches, you can also surf there in a certain area and id love to be able to surf.
  • I love photography, i go out most days just to take photos , i have a camera but i mainly use my phone because i find it easier to upload on my Instagram or Facebook ( im lazy)
  • i am 1 of 6. i use to be the youngest sibling but then my mum got married and had three more and i love it. i have two older sisters then it s me and then two brothers and then another sister 🙂
  • im studying travel and tourism at college and would love to be a resort rep. im not too sure whether i want aboard or not yet im still deciding
  • my favourite animal is an elephant, i dont have a reason why i just think there cute and unique
  • i chose to blog to develop my skills in writing to gain another hobby. i guess id like to develop in to making the money as well but i wouldn’t mind if i didn’t.

so that’s it for now, if there are any other facts you would like to know about me please comment, tweet , send me a message on Instagram, please do and ill be happy to answer them.

here are a few photos of my photography i hope you like 🙂

this was taken summer 2018 at portsmouth, im not to sure where bouts but there was a walk way from here to get to south sea.
this is it weston shore beach, this hasnt been edited, it was a cold foggy sunset.
this photo was in Portsmouth summer 2018, not exactly where about but was near the big shopping centre gunwarf quays

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this blog page is about basically every from lifestyles to reflections to opinon on books /tvshows/movies check out my instagram- caseydunne48 twitter account caseydunne8

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