perfect date plan?

hello everyone hope your all okay and enjoying ur day. Today ill be giving you 2 of my favourite dates that i like doing with my boyfriend.

  1. night in – This sounds alittle dull and boring. However getting your favourite take away pizza or chinese , watch a movie you both havent watched and doing a game such as monopoly or doing a puzzle with no phone for a certain time is the best date. You can end the date with a cuddle in bed and sleep 😴😌
  2. going out- you can go anywhere for this date and it can be an all day thing. Go shopping go to the cinema go bowling go for a expensive meal. This is also a best date i love doing but you got to make sure you have enough money for it 😂

these two date ideas are the most easy ideas to do, they save money aswell. When i do these i try to use my phone less i tend to use it for selfies and then the date is extra better because you havent been on your phone alot 😌

thank you for reading and please comment down below on any thing you’d like me to post 😌

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