Hello everyone, how are you? i am finding it very hard to find stuff to blog about, this is why i havent actually posted in while, i do apologies for that and i will soon get there, i cant make any promises on me getting better at blogging but i can promise you i will try, i hope you all understand and i hope you all enjoy this little poem.

This poem is actually written by David Beckham which i honest didn’t know he did but his poem that i have read has actually made me feel a little better and actually inspired, it is called i will succed.

I will go out there
And walk amongst men
Because today, I fear not that I will fail 
Rather than hide in the shadows of my past
I will face the future, with the bravery of a lion 
I have seen many before me crumble like the Berlin Wall 
I have seen many before me false start like at a race 
But this is not fight for the feint of heart
Neither is it a fight for supremacy 
This is my call to liberation, to redemption, a personal wake up call! 

Far in the distant I see with the eyes of a fortuneteller 
I have dreams of paradise 
Dreams of bliss
I have a future
I see it not through a telescope
But through faith in my heart and believe to conquer 

I will, I will, I will succeed. The will is in my heart. “

there is more of the poem but didn’t want to bore anyone, here is a link of where i found the poem http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/i-will-succeed-3/

i hope you all check the site out for more amazing poems. I have also made a merch site, these product prices are a little high but they will be changed soon, please go and check them out, there isn’t loads there however i am still designing plenty of products. here is the shop website, please share with me any of your purchases and show other people my blog post and merch shop. Everything is appreciated with your help 🙂 kenziesshop.teemill.com

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