Hello everyone, i hope you are all having a fantastic day and week, today i will be talking about the global warming and plastic, there are loads of reviews and opinions on this subject, i find it very interesting and some a little upsetting. I hope you enjoy reading this i do hope it helps everyone understand.

So as you may know global warming is slowly changing, it is a gradual increase in the average temperature of the earths atmosphere and its ocean, this change is believed to be a permanent change to the earth. This isn’t a 100% true fact however it is known that we have 135 months (11-12 years) until the planet passes the point of no return for the runway global, this basically means that the world could end in 11 years times, however this isnt a 100% true fact it is just something i have found form doing some research and i dont actually believe it.

As you all may be aware McDonald have changed their straws form plastic to paper, Some people agree that it is the right thing to do as it will help the sea life and wildlife and i also agree that getting rid of plastic straws can help, however many people have mentioned the fact that even though they are saving the sea life they are still destroying the wildlife, paper comes from tress which means more and more birds are losing their homes for us to use as straws.

Banning plastic straws is great and getting rid of all the plastic pollution to help the animals is also great, seeing images of the animals is heartbreaking, especially if your an animal lover. Yet what are we going to do about the infrastructure from the cruise ships and boats? by this i mean all the oil and pollution that comes from these, they will also destroy the wildlife and sea life as well.

So i asked a few people for their opinions, and i must say they all agreed. One person said that “the planet isn’t looked after properly and plastic should still be used but disposed off properly. They should break the plastic down and use it again instead of it being sent to landfill sites for it to just spread animals habitats, yet taking plastic straws away is nothing when bottles and cups and everything else is still made from plastic and there is no winning or losing and people just need to dispose of it properly”

Another person has said ” people need to open their eyes to the problem we have today instead of just posting it all on social media acting like they want to help but cant actually be bothered to do anything about it. ” he says ” climate change will be irreversible within the next 11 to 12 years, we have about 50 years worth of oil left because people would use loads of plastic instead of environmentally friendly alternatives, 33 species of animals go extinct every day and worst of all people care more about them selves then the world” – he had a very clear and honest opinion and has sort of made a realisation to a few people already.

So what are we doing about plastic pollution?

network aims to identify and foster innovative technology that tried to solve basic supply problems around the globe, we are getting rid of as much plastic as we can buy bring in bags that dissolve once in water, paper straws and glue dot type of things for beers.

this change is going to take a very long time to happen and many people need start realising and helping the world out more.

thank you for reading and i really hope you have understood the issue that is happening.

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