plastic pollution and global warming in 2019

Hello everyone, i hope you are all having a fantastic day and week, today i will be talking about the global warming and plastic, there are loads of reviews and opinions on this subject, i find it very interesting and some a little upsetting. I hope you enjoy reading this i do hope it helps […]

Are Ghosts/ spirits just a myth?

So Ghosts are particularly manifestation of belief in life after death. Some people believe that ghosts as demons or evil angels. Ghosts aren’t limited to the realm of the religious, they are cross social,cultural and religious lines. They are very popular in movies and in novels. Many people have said they do not believe in […]

Is social media taking over our lives?

so everyone by now has a social media account whether that is Facebook snap chat Tumblr, Instagram, twitter, or maybe you even have all of them. If you dont have any account with these then i must say wow. In addition to this post has social media actually taken over our lives? its big question […]

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